Cpl Filip konowal, victoria cross

Corporal Filip Konowal's valour at the Battle of Hill 70 in August 1917 was recognized with the Victoria Cross, the only Ukrainian Canadian ever so distinguished. Corporal Konowal was the Honourary Patron of Branch No. 360 of The Royal Canadian Legion.


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A film clip about the life and times of Cpl Filip Konowal, VC

Hill 70: Corporal Filip Konowal's Story

Memorial Hill 70 - Cote 70

The story of Corporal Filip Konowal, VC, born in Kutkivski, Ukraine in 1877. Having come to Canada in 1913, he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915 and served his adopted country honourably. Learn about the Battle of Hill 70 and the Memorial project: www.hill70.ca, and the The Endowment Council of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund, http://www.internmentcanada.ca/

Пагорб 70: Історія капрала Філіпа Коновала - Hill 70: Corporal Filip Konowal's Story - Ukrainian Version

Меморіальний пагорб 70 - Memorial Hill 70 - Cote 70

Історія капрала Філіпа Коновала, В.К., який народився в Кутківських, Україна в 1877 році. Приїхавши до Канади в 1913 році, він був зарахований до Канадських експедиційних сил у 1915 році і почесно служив своїй усиновленій країні. Дізнайтеся про «Битву на пагорбі 70» та проект «Меморіал»: www.hill70.ca та Раду сприяння визнанню Канадського фонду визнання першої світової війни http://www.internmentcanada.ca/

Global's Jeff Semple reports on the dedication of the Hill 70 memorial, August 2017

The Battle for Hill 70, Historica Canada, August 14, 2017

The capture of Hill 70 in France was an important Canadian victory during the First World War, and the first major action fought by the Canadian Corps under a Canadian commander. The battle, in August 1917, gave the Allied forces a crucial strategic position overlooking the occupied city of Lens.

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The legacy of the Royal canadian Legion Branch No. 360

The Legacy of Branch No. 360

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Konowal documents

Display of Hill 70 Victoria Cross medals unveiled at war museum, March 26, 2019, Ottawa Citizen

From war hero to accussed killer: The sad take of an Ottawa recipient of the Victoria Cross, The Ottawa Citizen, September 10, 2018

Almost three decades after the end of the First World War, Filip Konowal, an Ottawa and Hull resident who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valour during the Battle of Hill 70, joked that he had very nearly been shot for cowardice.

Українець, якому англійські королі віддавали честь першими, Про Львів 2019

У Великобританії найвища військова нагорода – Хрест Вікторії. Згідно з правилами, при зустрічі з кавалерами цього ордену британські королі повинні вітатися і віддавати їм честь першими.

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Konowal Books

A Canadian Hero, Cpl Filip Konowal, VC and the Battle of Hill 70, Luciuk, 3rd edition

Filip Konowal, VC, Historica Canada

Additional Reading

Mark Forsyth and Greg Dickson, From the West Coast to the Western Front: British Columbians and the Great War (2014)

Lubomyr Luciuk, A Canadian Hero: Corporal Filip Konowal, VC and the Battle of Hill 70 (2017);

Lubomyr Luciuk and Ron Sorobey, Konowal: A Canadian Hero (2000);

Gerald Gliddon, VC’s of the First World War: Cambrai 1917 (2012);

Ken Reynolds, Pro Valore. Canada’s Victoria Cross (2009);

Ron Sorobey, “Filip Konowal, VC: The Rebirth of a Canadian Hero,” Canadian Military History Journal 5, 2 (1996).

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