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Holocaust Books

Into Auschwitiz, For Ukraine, by Stefan Petelycky, Kashtan Press 1999

Kashtan Press published Stefan Petelycky's memoirs entitled "Into Auschwitz, for Ukraine." His story is a gripping account of how Ukrainian patriots were treated by the Nazis who considered all Ukrainians 'untermenschen,' subhuman figuren, to be exploited for the glory of the Third Reich. Mr. Petelycky dedicates his book "To the Millions of Ukrainian Victims of the Holocaust." The story line is enhanced by the numerous sardonic camp sketches of Petro Balij, another Ukrainian survivor of Auschwitz (No. 57321)...."Into Auschwitz, for Ukraine" is a valuable addition to World War II literature and is must reading for those interested in the rest of the Holocaust story.

Hitler's Slaves: Life Stories of Forced Labourers in Nazi-Occupied Europe. Edited by Alexander von Plato, Almut Leh, and Christoph Thonfeld. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

During World War II at least 13.5 million people were employed as forced labourers in Germany and across the territories occupied by the German Reich. Most came from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, the Baltic countries, France, Poland and Italy. Among them were 8.4 million civilians working for private companies and public agencies in industry, administration and agriculture. In addition, there were 4.6 million prisoners of war and 1.7 million concentration camp prisoners who were either subjected to forced labour in concentration camps or similar camps or were 'rented out' or sold by the SS. While there are numerous publications on forced labour in National Socialist Germany during World War II, this publication combines a historical account of events with biographies and memories of former forced labourers from twenty-seven countries, offering a comparative international perspective.

Album Politviaznia [Album of a Political Prisoner], Paladij Osynka (Paladii Osynka), [Munich]: [Buch und Kundstdruckerei Hanns Lindner], 1946. Osynka, Paladij [Osynka, Paladii]. First Edition

8 pages with sixteen color illustrations. Octavo (15 x 21 cm). Text in Ukrainian, English. Wrappers worn and lightly creased. Spine frayed and chipped. Front wrapper and first eight pages with a few tiny chips. Signed in pen to front wrapper and title page. Bookplate (exlibris) of Alexander Granovsky (Ukrainian American professor).

Scarce album of political prisoner with striking color illustrations depicting life and death inside Auschwitz (concentration camp). The album was printed in a post-war German camp for Ukrainian Displaced Persons (DP), without identifying the place or publisher.

"The author of the album of Political Prisoner, "Auschwitz", tried, with some exceptions, to settle the problem more from the humorous side than from the tragic one, although such a settlement gives just a true picture of the tragedy of German Concentration camp's prisoner. The sketches of this life drawn in form of cartoons by the bed-fellows of the author may serve as a reward for those who survived this inferno in the earth. On the other par they may serve for every Ukrainian and for strangers as a document of the fight of Ukrainian people for their higher ideals" (Author).

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