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Broken Promises Made to Ukrainian Canadians Provoked Controversy

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

UCCLA MEDIA RELEASE (14 December 2010)

A growing controversy over the proposed contents of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (see The Globe and Mail, "Group says rights museum slights sufferings of Ukrainians,"11 December 2010) was, in part, provoked because of promises made in April 2003 by the Asper Foundation.

Speaking for the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Dr Lubomyr Luciuk, its director of research, said: "The attached letter from Mr Moe Levy, sent on behalf of the Asper Foundation, makes clear that in return for its support  the Ukrainian Canadian community was led to expect that the truth about the genocidal Holodomor and about what happened during this country's first national internment operations would be allocated permanent and prominent space in this publicly-funded national museum. Reading through the final report of the Content Advisory Committee it becomes clear that those pledges have not been honoured. Making this letter public puts these facts on the public record."

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