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Government must defend the rule of law and deport KGB veteran

UCCLA Media Release, For Immediate Release (4 June 2009) – Ottawa Canada’s Ukrainian community is calling upon the federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honourable Jason Kenney, and the Minster of Public Safety, the Honourable Peter Van Loan, to ensure that a veteran of the notorious Soviet secret police, the KGB, is removed from the country immediately.

"Canadians are united in not wanting to make this country a haven for individuals who served in the secret police forces of undemocratic regimes like the Soviet Union. The KGB enslaved, tortured and murdered millions of innocent people. Any individual who was an officer of the KGB was either directly or indirectly involved in such crimes against humanity. A person who claims to be a refugee but is not found to be one by a competent member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, and whose appeal of that tribunal’s ruling is subsequently heard and rejected by a Federal Court judge, must leave our country. No KGB man should have been allowed into Canada in the first place. That this Communist secret policeman now wants sanctuary in a Vancouver church basement would be hilarious if it were not in such clear defiance of our legal system. Anyone abetting this man’s illegitimate behaviour should be prosecuted and he should be seized by the appropriate authorities and removed from Canada. No KGB in Canada, with no excuses and no exceptions."

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