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No Sanctuary for Ex-Soviet Secret Police Veterans in Canada

For Immediate Release (Ottawa, 14 March 2013)

Continuing with its campaign to rid Canada of known veterans of various Soviet secret police groups, like the NKVD, SMERSH and KGB, the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association has launched yet another postcard campaign alerting the Government of Canada to the presence of such individuals in Canada, in particular singling out (ex) Captain Mikhail Lennikov who was ordered deported more than 3 years ago yet remains in Vancouver, claiming a (non-existent) "right of sanctuary" in an east end Lutheran church.

"We find it hard to believe that the Canada Border Services Agency is unable to remove a man whose claim to being a refugee was rejected, who was ordered deported by a federal court judge, and whose whereabouts are well known to the authorities. His continued presence in this country calls into question the rule of law and Canada's immigration and refugee determination procedures. Lennikov had no right to enter Canada, has no right to remain here, and should long ago have been removed whence he came, as should any and all ex-NKVD and ex-KGB men and women found here. Even one of them in our midst is one too many," said Roman Zakaluzny, UCCLA's chairman.

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