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UCCLA: Russia is a terrorist state

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

For immediate release (Ottawa, March 29, 2023)

UCCLA is calling on Canada’s government to officially designate the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Thousands of postcards are being mailed to Members of Parliament, Canadian Senators, various Ambassadors and others calling for the Government of Canada to act.

The front of the postcard features a graphic of Oleksandr Matsievskyi. He was a Ukrainian POW executed in cold blood by the Russian invaders (for more on this war crime).

The International Criminal Court at The Hague has issued an arrest warrant for the Russian Federation's president, Vladimir Putin (17 March 2023) on charges of war crimes. And the United Nations and other humanitarian groups have documented thousands of cases of torture, sexual abuse and arbitrary executions since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began more than a year ago. On March 24 the UN released its findings basing those on interviews with hundreds of eye witnesses.

Commenting, UCCLA's chairman Roman Zakaluzny said: “Thirteen months is more than enough to confirm the obvious: from thousands of attacks on civilian targets, to the destruction of civilian infrastructure, to the withholding of grain exports to the world, to nuclear blackmail – all of this behaviour is nothing but terroristic. We call upon the Government of Canada to step forward and become a world leader by officially labelling the Russian Federation for what it is - a terrorist state headed by a wanted war criminal.”

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (L'Association ukrainienne-canadienne des droits civils) is a non-partisan, voluntary, non-profit research and educational organization committed to the articulation and promotion of the Ukrainian Canadian community's interests and to the defence of the civil liberties and human rights of Ukrainians in Canada and elsewhere. For decades, UCCLA has been at the forefront in Canada warning of the dangers Soviet and Russian acts of hatred and propaganda in this country and around the world. UCCLA is steadfast in locating and exposing a number of “former” KGB agents living and working in Canada and calling for their removal, as per Canadian law.

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