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Ukrainian Canadians Criticize Conservative Government for Failure to Enforce Immigration Laws

UCCLA - Media Release, September 28, 2010

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA) today called upon the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take immediate steps to remove all veterans of the notorious Soviet secret police, the KGB, from Canada, initiating a national postcard campaign to get its message out.

UCCLA’s chairman, Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk, said: "No one who served in any capacity with the KGB is eligible to enter or to remain here. That’s Canadian law. Public confidence in the integrity and fairness of our system of immigration control is being undermined by the failure of this government to remove KGB men known to be in Canada. We expected the Conservatives, who claim anti-Communist credentials and a law & order agenda, to at least enforce existing immigration laws. But they haven’t. That’s scandalous. Canada does not need KGB men as citizens. All of them should be returned whence they came, immediately."

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